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Vecchio 31-08-2022, 05:00   #1
Leonor L. Pipkins
Registrato: Aug 2022
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Emperor Phoenix

…… The solitary grave in Shanglin Nunnery, the drifting smoke in front of Jie Drum at the foot of the mountain, the retort of Jinou Palace, the entanglement at the gate of Gongyuan, the reluctant cross-dressing of men and women in Ducheng Brothel, a stunning song in Li Denglong's inner mansion, the lace underwear presented at the celebration of Zhuangsu in Dayi Palace, and the liquor on the silver crystal ice in the back garden of Jingan Wangfu. And then I'm going to eat it. Qin Changge suddenly smiled slightly with tears. In front of the light and shadow floating, red clothes, faintly as if he was still enchanting posture leaning on the glacier, raised his white fingers, the corners of his mouth slightly skimmed, smiled and said: ".." What do you want a coffin in a graveyard for? But there is no occasion, rather than rot in the dirty mud, it is better to choose a good place to solve their own, such as this dog, I think it must be willing to be eaten by me, such as myself, I want to die in the world of ice and snow, frozen in a thousand years of ice, never corrupt, forever retain my beauty, how good? Yu Zixi. Is this your final choice? After doing the last and most enjoyable thing and punishing those bullshit officials who are not right with you all their lives, you finally don't have to bear such heavy guilt and hopeless waiting, and do what you want to do most. Your beauty is eternal, and she is always with you. You got what you wanted in this life, didn't you? Stepping back, Qin Changge bowed three times to Yu Zixi. A bow, thank him for many years to follow, repeatedly rescue, if there is no jade from Xi, Rui Yi and Xiao Wei have already ossified ashes, it is not his turn to kill again, from now on bear the eternal sin. Second bow, thank him clearly recognized her, but kept silent, whether in Changle or later after her rebirth, he did his best to make up for the consequences in a helpless situation. Three bows to thank him for finally living up to her trust and protecting each other. As for those who have no choice but to make mistakes against their will, even if the consequences are serious, even if the disaster to the world, it will all pass. In the final analysis,Gear Reduction Motor, is he not a victim? Zixi, after thousands of years of sleeping, maybe one day, will you wake up again, your beautiful eyes will open again, your romance will appear again, and all living beings will be reversed with a light smile? …… But I hope that one day. The sky gradually darkened, and the wind was like an ice skate blade before, but now it is like an ice hammer. Qin Changge tightened his cloak again, and his eyes fell on the snow drinking goddess beside Yu Zixi. For this woman, although she is really beautiful, but she really has no good feelings, if not for her practice of taboo dance, how can Yu Zixi throw his life lightly, how can she be indirectly killed? However, the sweep of the eyes suddenly fell on the side of the goddess's waist. She was wearing very little, completely in the style of a neon dance dress, which was similar to the description that Suxuan had relayed to his subordinates in those days. Her snow-white and slender waist could not be grasped, and she was only tied with a string of colorful neon beads. Between the red, orange, yellow, 12v High Torque Motor ,Brushless Gear Motor, green, blue and purple flowing beads, a little bright red on her left waist was faintly exposed, which looked like a flying butterfly. Qin Changge subconsciously touched his right waist, and in the middle of it, he suddenly remembered that now this body was no longer Ruiyi's. The identical butterfly-like red mole on Ruiyi's right waist had already turned into ashes on the top of the mountain, at the foot of Shanglin Mountain, or in the cinerary casket of the little girl in Dongyan. The same mole.. There is no such coincidence in the world. Qin Changge's eyes slowly moved up, carefully looking at the face of the goddess, eyebrows delicate, color is better than snow, although bowed his head and closed his eyes, you can still feel that Rong Hua is very prosperous, really magnificent and elegant, Jiao Jiao has the posture of Gu shooting, presumably when he opens his eyes, it must be Rong Guang pressing people, and then dance like a startled swan, teach people color to seize the soul, but also more reasonable. However, it is not very like Rui Yi. Qin Changge circled around the icicle, with doubts in his heart. Suddenly, after seeing the icicle, there was a rock that looked strange. He touched it gently with his hand and pushed it down. An ice door slowly opened.
Looking deeply at the door, Qin Changge remembered that both Suxuan and Rong'er had said that the dance of the goddess had disappeared in an instant, and now it seems that there is another secret passage. Qin Changge looked at the door of the secret passage and found that someone had moved it. Probably, the secret passage was quite secret, so Suxuan's subordinates and Yu Zixi failed to find it after so many years. Later, both Suxuan and Bai yuan came, and naturally they were no longer mysterious. Pushing open the ice door, all the way forward, here is like the mountainside of the low mountain, but there is no sense of suffocation, it is obvious that there is air flow, Qin Changge with a luminous pearl, holding in his hands, pearlescent flow shining feet in front of the square foot of the ground, still as before the frozen soil, but the more backward, the soil is more soft, in addition, there is no abnormality. After walking for about a quarter of an hour, there was a faint light in front of him. It was another door. Pushing it open, there was a wind blowing on his face, but it was not the ice wind that had previously cut his face. In front, it turned out to be a hidden valley, full of green pines and cypresses, evergreen trees that were not in tune all the year round, houses covered with thatch were scattered, crisscrossed with paths, quite pastoral. If it were not for the emptiness of no one, I almost thought that the next moment I could see the old farmer leading his cattle from the field to the shore after plowing. However, this is not a real village, if so, it is already a dead village, Qin Changge walked a few steps forward, feeling the temperature here, although there is no ice circle of people to the bone cold, but it is still very cold, but those evergreen trees, give people the illusion of spring. Is this probably the base camp of the mysterious race drinking snow in the ice circle? Qin Changge's eyes slowly flowed over the layout of the houses in the whole valley, and suddenly there was a strange feeling in his heart. When he stepped into here for the first time, he felt inexplicable traction and familiarity in his heart. There was a strange feeling in his blood, as if he had returned to a place where his soul was tied, and he could find his way and exit without guidance. She took a few tentative steps forward and suddenly saw smoke curling up from a hut in front of her. The heart is a little strange, drinking snow clan is not already destroyed? How can anyone still live here? Qin Changge walked to the front of the hut,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, stood on the threshold, and knocked on the door very politely. Excuse me, is anyone there? &290; ichgearmotor.com
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emperor , phoenix

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