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Vecchio 31-08-2022, 05:00   #1
Leonor L. Pipkins
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National Goddess: Reborn Ace Daughter

Chu Jin looked at the long queue behind him, and simply did not waste more words with Song Shiqin, directly picked up the pen, quickly left three words on Song Shiqin's wrist. Return of an old friend. The old friend has returned, but the opposite does not know each other. Song Shiqin looked at the three words on his wrist, and the corners of his mouth showed a smile that he did not know what it meant, and then turned away. Looking at his back, Chu Jin's body suddenly filled with a strange mood, there is a kind of impulse to cry, this feeling is very strange. Strange, but familiar. But soon, she realized. Adjust your mood and continue to sign. It was not until 8 P. M. that the book signing ended. When Chu Jin came out of the building, the sky was already full of stars. Just out of Xiamen, he saw Mo Zhixuan's car. He was holding a bunch of roses and striding in the direction of Chu Jin. "Ah Jin." "Well," Chu Jin reached out to take the flowers, sat in the co-pilot, some puzzled way, "well,micro gear motor, what are you doing to buy flowers?" This is the first time Mr. Mo has sent her flowers since they fell in love. There is no woman who does not love flowers, and Chu brocade is no exception. Mr. Mo held the steering wheel in one hand and took out a beautiful packing box from the storage compartment in the other hand. "Not only flowers, but also this. Have you forgotten what day it is today?" Chu Jin put the flowers in the back seat and opened the packing box and said, "What day? Why don't I know?" Today is not her birthday, nor is it Mr. Mo's birthday. Not to mention other anniversaries. Chu Jin really can't think of anything special today. You didn't get me a present? Mr. Mo turned his head to look at her with an expression of "you don't value me at all". The box was filled with delicate chocolate, rich in milk, Chu Jin pinched one into his mouth,Micro Gear Motor, directly ignoring Mr. Mo's expression, "Don't say it." "Today is 520." Mo Zhixuan spit out these words with a depressed face. Chu brocade this just reacts to come over, 520 homophonic I love you, it is network Valentine's Day. Unexpectedly, Mr. Mo, who has always been old-fashioned and serious, is now beginning to pay attention to these things! You know, Mr. Mo is a person who may not even remember the traditional festivals of China. Chu Jin picked up a chocolate and handed it to Mo Zhixuan's mouth. "Come on, this is a reward for you. Open your mouth." Mo Zhixuan bit the chocolate with his delicate white fingers. You were born in the year of the dog. Chu Jin immediately withdrew his hand. Did you sign for Song Shiqin today? Mo Zhixuan spoke again. Chu Jin ate the chocolate and said, "well." Mo Zhixuan then opened his mouth, "did you sign it yourself?" Chu Jin said casually, "Of course, autographs are signed by hand. When you sign important documents in the company, Small Geared Motors ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, do you still look for a secretary instead?" "You can't sign it in his hand!" Mo Zhixuan stepped on the brake excitedly. With a sniff, the black Bugatti Veyron almost hit the tree next to it. Be careful when you drive! Chu Jin looked out of the window and said, "What if there's a rear-end collision behind you?" "Chu brocade!" Mo Zhixuan called her by name and said, "I'm very serious!"! Let me tell you something! Don't change the subject, we are talking about the signature! Who asked you to sign Song Shiqin's hand? In broad daylight, lonely men and widows pull and pull, what is the decency! She actually signed Song Shiqin's hand! Mo Zhixuan is very angry as long as he thinks of it! There will be some physical contact when you sign on your hand! How can his people be touched by other men! It's annoying to think about it! "Why are you alone?"? There are so many readers at the scene! Still pulling and pulling, where to pull and pull? Chu Jin reached out and poked him in the head. "Mo Zhixuan, I think you have water in your brain and fish in your cerebellum, right?" Lonely men and widows. It has to be said that Mo Zhixuan's imagination is really rich. Yes Mo Zhixuan took her by the hand, "my mind is full of you." Chu brocade: "… …" "Don't see Song Shiqin again, will you?" Mo Zhi suddenly hugged Chu Jin and buried his head in her strength nest. "I'm very insecure like you." Yes, I don't feel safe.
Compared with Mo Qianjue, Song Shiqin is simply a powerful enemy! Powerful enough to fill Mo Zhixuan with a sense of crisis. Chu Jin reached out and hugged his waist. "Well, it's gone. Why don't I sign your wrist, too?" In this way, Mo Zhixuan is even more depressed, "is it in your heart that I have the same status as Song Shiqin?" Chu Jin quickly shook his head, "of course not!"! Why would you think that? "Then I'll sign with him in a different position." "Where do you want to sign?" "Heart." When the words fell, Mo Zhixuan loosened Chu brocade, unbuttoned his shirt, half faded his clothes, and pointed to the place where his heart was beating, "Sign here, sign your name." Chu Jin smiled helplessly, picked up the pen, and dropped two words in his heart, Chu Jin. After signing, Mo Zhixuan buttoned up contentedly. A Jin, "Mo Zhixuan raised a smile at the corners of his mouth and looked at Chu Jin with a look of excitement in his eyes." What's the matter? Chu Jin closed the lid of the pen. Mo Zhixuan took the pen from her hand and then said, "Have you ever heard of a sentence?" "Hm?" Chu brocade slightly raises the eyebrow, the tail tone slightly raises, looks like the hook, can stir up the heartstrings. Reciprocity calls for reciprocity. Mo Zhixuan slowly spit out four words, and immediately stretched out his talons toward Chu Jin. Before Chu Jin could react, the buttons of his coat were unbuttoned, and his shirt was pulled to his shoulders. She is wearing a white shirt today to prevent exposure, and she specially added a white bra inside. Crisp chest half exposed. In this way, the scenery is very good. Invisible. It's very tempting. Had it not been for the wrong time and place, Mr. Mo would have wanted to execute the man on the spot. Chu brocade this just reacts to come over, this person's reciprocity is what meaning,gear reduction motor, hurriedly button up, the face is slightly red way, "do not have a right line!"! What are you talking about? Mr. Mo is getting bolder and bolder!. ichgearmotor.com
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ace , daughter , goddess , national , reborn

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