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Leonor L. Pipkins
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A voluptuous [dressing up]

Jiang Jingchuan did not mention the text message, do not doubt her ability to provoke right and wrong, but also believe that she has the ability to solve, two people regularly go to the canteen to eat, at first there are still people looking strange, later found that the two people eat the whole process without communication, in addition to sitting together, eyes do not communicate. Let them sigh, can fall in love like this, they are really vulgar, can not understand. When they finished their meal that day, they went for a walk regularly. When they reached the place where they had kissed, Yu Jiu put his hand on it again. Jiang Jingchuan gritted his teeth and said, "Is it interesting?" The more indifferent the former is, the latter must find it from him. He was afraid that he could not understand what she was thinking all his life, Yu said, "How could it be boring?"? Mingming is very interesting. What do you think they will do when they see this? They even said it was routine whether we kissed or not. Boyfriend — "She ate." What are you doing? " Jiang Jingchuan: "Call my name." The rest of the wine immediately came to his ear, "Jiang Jingchuan, Jiang classmate, Jingchuan, Jingchuan.." She was more and more charming, more and more charming, and it was better to make him confused. Jiang Jingchuan was called by her all over to fever, Yu Jiu chuckled, "I really like you." She stood up from him. "I'm going to do the experiment next. I may not be able to come to dinner with you. Remember to miss me." Blowing him a kiss, Shi Shiran left. Sometimes it's cold, sometimes it's hot, and it's always confusing. This is her. Jiang Jingchuan felt that he had probably run away from home rationally at that time. Clinical schoolwork is very onerous,water bottle packaging machine, be in a situation now, do not take an examination of graduate student to look for a job hard, can say whole person medical school is very diligent, when other student still is hesitating to want to take an examination of grind, they have begun to prepare for one's deceased father grind, whole person hospital learns from big one to big 5 big it is travel color in a hurry. Although Master Lu himself was not in medical school, he had two girlfriends in medical school and knew something about their pressure. He sighed secretly, "I think other people work so hard to keep up with their studies. She plays the same way. How many majors can she take the exam?"? That's too irritating. Lu young master is not stupid, otherwise also can't be admitted to a big, but he really spell half a life to be admitted to, after laissez-faire, to Jiang Jingchuan so skillful schoolwork career both respect is incomparable, "she is clinical later to do surgery?"? Have you seen the way she holds a scalpel? I'm really worried about her doing surgery like a drag racer. Shouldn't a doctor be rational and restrained? It's hard to imagine how she held the scalpel, but it happened that Yu Jiu won the third place in the mid-term exam. It's good to say that he can distinguish this kind of madness from calmness, plastic bottle making machine ,Edible oil filling machine, which is more admirable. Now Master Lu looks at her and Jiang Jingchuan's line of sight. I used to pay attention to the progress of their love, but now I have no interest. He'd better return to the mortal world. Yu Jiu did a week's experiment in the laboratory. After he came out, instead of looking for Jiang Jingchuan, he called Master Lu instead. "Is there any competition?" Tired, her voice was a little hoarse and lazy, as if she had brought a hook, which made the young master Lu, who had been thinking about her for a long time, tremble. Fortunately, her racing appearance flashed in front of her eyes and stabilized. "Young lady, you just finished the experiment?"? No rest? "After a week of experiments, I'm now full of anatomical maps and looking for a way to relax." Lu Shaoyi shivered and thought, "OK." Yu Jiu is also a celebrity now. She has excellent skills and is crazy. When racing, it is easy to see the difficult skills. There are many fans and many people who want to compete with her. Yu Xiaoxiao looked at the person who seemed to have taken drugs and frowned, "can't you go back?" Are these people really okay? The roommate who brought her here was already excited. "What are you going back to do?"? Most people can't come. How can you live up to yourself if it's not fun? "After the racing, there will be activities. It is said that the mysterious racing driver has come today. All those who said they would not participate before have changed their words. There will be a good show later.".
” Yu Xiaoxiao couldn't understand what was so exciting about it, but now she was in the suburbs. She was coming back in the car of her roommate's boyfriend. If he didn't send her away, she couldn't go. Although another roommate had never been here, she was already infected by the atmosphere here. She looked at several sports cars excitedly, and she had to endure it. She waited for a while, and the noise, which was already very high, suddenly rose so much that her eardrums were about to burst. She subconsciously wanted to cover her ears. Her roommate screamed, "Coming, coming." A fiery red sports car approached from far to near, like a fire. When it was approaching them, the sports car braked suddenly. Yu Xiaoxiao stepped back and found that the people around her did not respond. It reminded her of a very unpleasant memory and lost her good feelings for the people in the car. When the car door opened, a slender figure got out of the car, leaned lazily against the car, put his index finger and middle finger together, kissed them on his lips, then aimed the two fingers at the crowd, and said hoarsely and sexily, "Did you miss me?" As she spoke, there was a silence, and she said these four words in the silence and the sound of the engine. When she finished, the crowd burst into more enthusiastic screams and cheers than before. I miss you so much. "I love you!!!" Her face was still pale in the middle of the night, her shoulder-length hair was freely scattered over her shoulders, and the corners of her eyes and eyebrows were somewhat tired, but such fatigue made her invisibly more decadent and mysterious beauty, and the combination of such beauty and the sports car behind her, needless to say, could make them excited. Yu Xiaoxiao was like seeing a ghost in the middle of the day and blue sky. He looked straight at the wine that attracted the attention of millions of people at the moment. He subconsciously wanted to verify it, but his roommate didn't recognize it at all. His hands were in a trumpet shape, along with the people around him,PET bottle Mold, "I love you." The author has something to say: Second watch Chapter 109 109 Yu Xiaoxiao's face changed several times, stretched out his hand and drew back, looking at her coldly through the eyes of the crowd. gzxilinear.com
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dressing , voluptuous

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