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Leonor L. Pipkins
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Undercover wife; CEO, it's a big deal.

Blue Xuan night suddenly raised his head, looked at the blue Xuan night, she was a bit hit, he actually wanted Li Xinman to give birth to the child? Although already had the intention in the heart, also knew that Li Xinman will give birth to that child, may hear the blue Xuan night to say this, she unexpectedly some could not accept. I don't mean that, Shuiyou, I mean let her give birth to the child, and then do the identification! Lan Xuanye was afraid that Shuiyou had misunderstood him. He asked Li Xinman to give birth to a child, not because he wanted to recognize the child, but to prove that the child had nothing to do with him. Congratulations, Master Lan, you're going to be a father again. Luo Shuiyou's eyes are moist, the nasal cavity is sour and astringent, what should we do? If he grows up and asks his mother why there is a woman beside his father, how should she answer and tell him that it is the result of his father's playboy? "What father? That child is not mine. I haven't touched her. That child is Magao's." Lan Xuanye took Shuiyou's hand. He wouldn't let her go. He must make it clear today. Drag him away! Luo Shuiyou shouted, two police officers came over, just to touch the arm of Lan Xuanye,Beverage packing machine, more than a dozen bodyguards rushed up immediately, instantly, the two sides formed a deadlock, police officers holding the gun handle, bodyguards refused to get out of the way, and Lan Xuanye grabbed Shuiyou's hand and never let go. Trust me, or your men will take me in. Today,juice filling machine, I will not let you go. Lan Xuanye looked at Shuiyou with different eyes. You Luo Shuiyou felt that Lan Xuanye's hand was like a pair of pliers that imprisoned her. In the past, he could get rid of it. Today, he seemed to be full of strength. Luo Shuiyou turned around helplessly and told the police officer: "You all go back first. I have something to say to Mr. Lan." "Yes, madam." Several policemen got into the police car, and the police car drove out slowly. In a restaurant near Yelan Fangfei, the environment here is fresh, with independent private seats, surrounded by elegant orchids and asparagus. During pregnancy, Lan Xuanye often brought her here. The manager here was already very familiar with Shuiyou, so when he saw them coming, he led them to the original old position. If you're hungry, order your favorite. Lan Xuanye lowered his head and told the waiter the names of the dishes one by one. He turned over the menu with both hands. His eyes drooped and his eyebrows stretched. He was absorbed. His handsome face was angular in the soft light. Under his thick eyebrows, he had a pair of attentive eyes and a straight nose. Fully-shaped lip …… Shuiyou couldn't help but be entranced. From when on, he became a handsome and incurable man in her eyes. She seemed to have a nymphomaniac disease. Why didn't she feel this way when she first went undercover in the Blue House? What else do you want to eat? Blue Xuan night order almost, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,juice filling machine, suddenly looked up, want to ask Shuiyou's opinion, but encountered the opposite woman's infatuated eyes, she stared at him, eyes are adoring, heart is not in his hands on the menu, but in his face. He gradually narrowed his eyes and looked at Shuiyou's expression. If she wasn't a nymphomaniac, how could she be like this? She looked like she had no soul. Shuiyou.. "Oh, that's enough." Shuiyou instantly returned to his soul and shyly looked away. It was a shame. How could she stare at Lan Xuanye like a patient? But he was good-looking. The more he looked, the more he loved, the more he wanted to look at him. When the waiter left, Lan Xuanye suddenly took Shuiyou's hand and trembled with excitement. The way you looked at me just now, Shuiyou. "Nothing, I'm just hungry." Shuiyou shrank his hand awkwardly. Just hungry, hungry to stare at her husband, this is what is the way to solve hunger, is not she to eat her husband? How could Lan Xuanye give up this opportunity? He clenched Shuiyou's hand and rubbed his fingers on her skin. His voice was so gentle that it was a mess: "Shuiyou, hungry?"? I still want to eat your husband, in fact, I also want to eat you. Eat him? Shuiyou blushed like a fire, really ashamed, she just behaved as if to eat the blue Xuan night, she believed that if there were conditions, she might jump on it, how after giving birth to a child, she became angry, always want to have a bad idea about the blue Xuan night.
"I don't want to eat you. I might as well eat your bones." Shuiyou gave him a white look and just stared at him for a while. Did he have to be so beautiful? Think of yourself as Pan An? Even Pan An, Shuiyou still dislikes that handsome man's lack of Yang Qi. In the evening, I will eat it for you. It's all yours. You can eat it wherever you want. Lan Xuanye took Shuiyou's hand, put it on his lips eagerly, and kissed him eagerly: "I feel hot in my heart. I can't wait. Baby, if you miss me so much, I'll come to your room at night." "Don't come. What are you doing? Don't kiss my hand." Shuiyou felt his fingers were numb and crisp, his heart was in a trance, and his body was soft. He was hooking. To lure her ? Make her feel like she's in love. Yang My heart is beating faster. You are already an old couple. Why are you still in such a tone. Love Luo Shuiyou found himself more and more affected by the blue night, the color more. When the waiter brought up the dishes, Lan Xuanye let go of Shuiyou's hand, but his eyes never left Luo Shuiyou for a moment. At this time, these delicacies were far less delicious than the opposite policewoman. Shuiyou lowered her head and ate the meal, almost forgetting the purpose of coming here, and she tidied up the shyness in her heart and cleaned up the hormones in her brain. What do you want to say to me? I'll go back to the police station after dinner. Shuiyou's tone was not so bad, and there was still no way to remove the little woman's shyness. Shuiyou, tell me your impression of me before you got married. Lan Xuanye looked at Shuiyou expectantly. Why do you say that? Shuiyou squinted his eyes. What was Lan Xuanye doing? He used to be a bastard. He was not worth mentioning. He could do anything disgusting. Tell me about. .” Blue Xuan night deep eyes looked at Luo Shuiyou,bottle blowing machine, eyes shining with the light of expectation, so that Shuiyou dare not look directly. Just say it, as if Shuiyou didn't dare to mention anything about his past. Shameless! &290; gzxilinear.com
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big , ceo , deal , undercover , wife

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