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Vecchio 31-08-2022, 04:54   #1
Leonor L. Pipkins
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Lost Man Country (women are superior to men)

Susie exclaimed, "So the women here are so pampered that their only job is to give birth?!" Duan Yujiao smiles: "Not necessarily, that is the woman who does not have the ability, can only marry several men, then the full-time birth.". If you have the ability, you can marry several men and decide whether to have children or not. The difference is still very big. Susie nodded, thinking that the difference was really not small. One was the life of a well-fed sow, and the other was a hard, but at least a human life. Thinking of this, she asked, "If a woman doesn't want to be a reproductive tool, how can she get ahead?" "You can do business," said Duan Yujiao. "For example,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, Master Qin, who is famous in the capital, is a businessman. That woman is very powerful. Even her father has given her some points. Master Qin has married dozens of men, but she has only given birth to three children. By the way, you can also take part in the examination. Jiang Linxiu, the deputy director of the Hanlin Academy,ultrasonic dispersing machine, is a famous talented woman in our capital. I heard that even the Prince Regent's book has to be written by her herself. It's very powerful! Susie was relieved that she finally had a way out. "When will the exam begin?" She asked. Duan Yujiao was surprised and said, "Does my sister want to take part in it?"! You won't marry my five brothers! When Susie heard this, she almost fainted. Even though she had seen so much, she didn't expect to fall into such a place. "Why do you think so? When did I say I would marry your brothers?" Embarrassed, Duan Yujiao said, "I didn't know until I overheard Dad and Niang talking. Dad brought you back just to let you marry into Duan's family, so I don't have to change my marriage." "What!"! Change of marriage! You are willing to go! Susie said in surprise Duan Yujiao curled her lips and said, "Of course not. I don't want to be like my mother. I'll tell you!"! Even if I don't have a sister, I'm going to take part in the exam secretly and get fame, sonicator homogenizer ,ultrasonic cutting machine, but I'm not old enough. "Will your parents agree? What about your brothers if you don't change your marriage?" Susie decided to make things clear once and for all. " I don't care, anyway, dad is rich, let him find a way to go, "Duan Yujiao said.". Susie looked at the outspoken girl and said, "It seems that I should make this clear to Uncle Duan, so as not to delay the great event of several sons." Duan Yujiao took her arm and said coquettishly, "Sister won't go. I finally have a sister like you, but I don't want you to go." Susie smiled and said, "I also like my sister very much. Now I can't leave for the time being because of my condition. I'll try to repay my uncle when I've tried." Duan Yujiao said with a smile, "Dad doesn't need you to repay him. What our Duan family lacks most is money. But I'm sure Dad and my brothers like you very much. However, I don't think my brothers are worthy of my sister. Today's Regent is almost the same." "Regent?!" Said Susie with a wry smile. Duan Yujiao nodded: "Yes, the regent is also elected from the royal family. He is the most outstanding and capable of the royal youth. I heard that the queen fell in love with him at first sight, but the regent didn't want to enter the palace at all.".
The queen was so angry that she had married dozens of handsome men and seduced him whenever she had the chance. It was really hateful! Susie thought, it seems that thousands of years ago there were crazy fans ah: "The queen must also be one in a hundred beauty, even if the spring breeze once also can not ah." Duan Yujiao stared and said, "How can that be? The regent is not allowed to marry during his reign, let alone break his body, because he is also a great God." "It seems that my sister likes the regent," said Susie with a smile. Duan Yujiao blushed: "In fact, I want to take part in the examination mainly to see him, on the other hand, I don't want to be like my mother." "How many brothers are there in Uncle Duan's family?" Asked Susie. "Three, that's not bad. I heard that some people have seven or eight brothers. They are really going to die. I don't want to live such a ghost life." Duan Yujiao snorted coldly. Susie laughed and said, "There are so many men and only one woman. How can we distribute them fairly?" Duan Yujiao said, "It's a year for one family. If you have a child this year, you will go to the next family after giving birth. The extra time will be divided equally among the other families. Didn't my sister find that our children are three years younger than each other?" After chatting with Duan Yujiao all night, Susie went back to her room. Now everything has finally taken shape. Since she will start to try in two months, she will win. It's not a thing to stay at Duan's house like this. After all, she eats people's mouths and takes people's hands. Su Xi also recalled that Duan Yujiao had said that there was a general examination. It turned out that the general examination of Nan Renguo was divided into three test areas: the civil examination, the arithmetic examination, and the martial arts examination. Those who were outstanding in the civil examination were admitted to the Imperial Academy and the Ministry of Rites,ultrasonic spray nozzle, those who were outstanding in the arithmetic examination were admitted to the Ministry of Household Affairs and the Ministry of Works, and those who were excellent in the martial arts examination were appointed to the Ministry. That sounds reasonable. Susie is majoring in finance at school, so it looks like she's going to try her luck at the math test. Get ready for the exam. fycgsonic.com
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