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Le tue foto Hai fatto una macro spettacolare o una bella foto ad un pesce o perchè no ad un altro soggetto comunque inerente alla natura (un animale, un fiore, ecc.)? Non esitare a farcela vedere, riceverai commenti e suggerimenti.

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Farmer's Little Girl (Reborn Pure Field Warm and Sweet Pet)

How could it be okay? Han Jin looked at the white and soft face with some heartache, and there were still some red marks. A few days had passed, and there were still red marks. Needless to say, she must have suffered a great loss that day. Although Lu Guangzhi said in front of his sister that day that he would not mess up, he was still angry and wanted to find an opportunity to teach his aunt a lesson. Unfortunately, with his present ability, he could not do it at all, so he could not help thinking of finding Uncle Jinzi to think of ideas. After Han Jin listened, the surface was not obvious, but in fact his heart was about to explode. While he promised to do this, he was very worried about her. I'm afraid she was frightened by her character. These two days his mind is all about her being beaten, his heart is burning, really can not hold back, will let Lu Guangzhi send a message to ask her out. Han Jin touched a small bottle from his bosom and handed it to Lu Jiaoyue. This is the wound medicine I sell in the pharmacy. It can remove blood stasis and reduce swelling. It is said that the effect is very good. You can try it. Lu Jiaoyue hesitated a little: "Uncle Jin, my face is all right. I don't need to rub the medicine." Han Jin could not help but put the small bottle into her hand, "anyway, things have been bought, you do not have to waste." Between the movements, two people's hands touched together, Han Jin felt that the small hand suddenly shrank back. There was a faint trace of warmth between his fingers, and he could not help rubbing his fingers. Lu Jiaoyue hung her head and said, "Thank you, Uncle Jinzi." Han Jin gave her a meaningful look and said, "You don't have to be so polite to me." Lu Jiaoyue felt a little nervous for no reason. She quickly interrupted and said,38 needle valve, "By the way, Uncle Jinzi, what news have you got?" Han Jin was stunned. In fact, this time he asked Lu Jiaoyue to come out, not for business at all, but to hear Lu Guangzhi say what happened that day, the heart is very worried about her, want to see her. But Han Jin is not without rules and regulations. Just as he was thinking about how to tell her, he saw Lu Jiaoyue looking at himself hesitantly: "Uncle Jin,tube fitting manufacturer, you didn't get any news at all, did you?" Looking at her big watery eyes, Han Jin was suddenly speechless, and the excuse he had thought of was unspeakable. I heard you were embarrassed by your aunt. Han Jin really wanted to punch himself, how could he tell the truth? Does she think he is too abrupt and likes to flirt with big girls? The author has something to say: Ruffian? "Huh?" Lu Jiaoyue was in a daze, and her face turned red. My heart was in a mess, thinking for a while why he cared so much about himself, and then thinking that Uncle Jinzi must be so interested in her because he was entrusted by his little uncle, and my mind was in a mess. Uncle Jinzi, I'm fine. Thank you, thank you for your concern. She hung her head low and held the small porcelain bottle tightly in her hand. "Uncle Jin," she whispered, "if I have nothing to do, I want to go back first." The last sentence, with a faint trembling in his voice, Han Jin gave her a complicated look, 14 tube fitting ,brass tube fitting, "I'll send you back." Lu Jiaoyue breathed a sigh of relief, in fact, if she could, she did not want the other party to send, but she did not know where this is, naturally can not recognize the way home. The two men got into the carriage and did not speak all the way. To the place, Lu Jiaoyue quickly jumped out of the carriage, did not even say goodbye. Han Jin looked at the disappearing shadow in the distance and sighed with a smile: "Have you been discovered?" It was good to be found out, because he was tired of being so secretive all the time. ———————— PS: Han Jin is exposed. See you tomorrow. Chapter 36 36.1 Chapter 36 Back home, too late to tell her mother that she was back, Lu Jiaoyue went into her room. Until now, her heart was still pounding. She didn't want to think too much, but she couldn't help it. She had lived for two lifetimes, and she had married someone in her previous life, so she almost understood Han Jin's mind in an instant. Uncle Jinzi actually has that kind of interest in her! Recalling all the previous, Lu Jiaoyue found himself too slow, before there was a clue, and she was too slow to find.
What to do? What to do? He was a friend of the little uncle, and he wanted to call him uncle, but he actually. "Moon, what are you doing?" Mei Shi sat in the room and saw her daughter come in from the outside in a hurry. Without saying a word, she got into the room. Thinking that her daughter had just come back from the outside, she was a little worried. She pushed the door and came in. She looked suspiciously at her daughter, who was all flushed. "Moon, are you all right?" Lu Jiaoyue did not dare to see her mother, "no, nothing." "Why is your face so red?" Lu Jiaoyue is stupefied, just react to come over, pretend to wipe sweat: "The day outside is too hot." "If you don't say a word when you come back, Niang will think what's wrong with you." "I'm thirsty and anxious to go back to the house to drink water." With these words, Lu Jiaoyue went to touch the teapot on the table and poured herself a glass of water to drink. The sun is poisonous these days. Don't run outside if you have nothing to do. If no one talks to you, you can ask Gui Ya to come to our house. Why do you always run to her house recently? Lu Jiaoyue hurriedly found an excuse and said, "Niang, Gui Ya has to work at home. How can she go out casually?" Mei Shi sighed and said yes. The situation of the Chen family is more chaotic than the Lu family, Gui Ya's milk is not clear, Gui Ya is not big enough to take the younger brother and sister below, when they grow up to help the family work, how can they have time to run out to play. Even if he was free, he dared not come out, and when Grandma Gui Ya saw him, he would be scolded again. Pay attention to yourself and don't make trouble for Gui Ya. Daughter is always looking for Gui Ya, must be to delay her work, Gui Ya grandmother in front of people is not easy to say, after the daughter left, must involve each other to eat. She nodded. "My daughter knows." After Mei Shi went out, Lu Jiaoyue breathed a sigh of relief. She went to the dressing table and sat down, took out a small porcelain bottle from her sleeve, looked at it, opened the dressing box and put it in. After thinking about it, he took it out again, went to the Kang to open the Kang cabinet, stuffed the bottle in, and pressed it with his clothes. After sitting on the Kang for a while,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, she suddenly thought of something and went to the dressing table to take a bronze mirror to look at it. Sure enough, she saw that her cheeks were still slightly red. Remembering what he had said, he went to the Kang cabinet and took out the small bottle. chinaroke.com
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farmer , field , girl , pet , pure , reborn , sweet , warm

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