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Farmhouse Honey Marriage Daily (Through Warm Farming, First Marriage, Then Love, Sweet Daily)

"I don't know yet, so Grandpa Hu came to have a look." Ruan Liu Shi and Ruan Yong Shi looked at each other. If the mother-in-law is really stupid, they will be busy. It would be all right if the house was smooth, but it's not safe at the moment. Let's go to the temple tomorrow, regardless of the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. Ruan Liu was very flustered. The Bodhisattva wanted to bless the old Ruan family. The mother-in-law could not have an accident at this critical juncture. Not to mention the married daughter, there was a daughter-in-law who was pregnant with a child in the family. If the mother-in-law had something, she could not let her sister-in-law be busy inside and outside. No matter how many things she had, she had to help. This was to exhaust her to death. Ruan Liu somehow remembered the second sister-in-law who had died early and sighed. If Ye Shan Niang were still here, she wouldn't even have the time to breathe. "Go.". Go to the temple early tomorrow morning. Ruan Yongshi felt sorry for him. Speaking of Yeshan Niang, Yeshan's child is eighteen years old. He has to tell him about his marriage. If Niang really has something to do, he has to be delayed again. "If you don't tell me, you'll forget about it." Ruan Liu patted his brain. Why don't you go into town later? Talk to the second brother and see what Yeshan thinks. The second wife entered the town early in the morning and returned home at night. She was not in the village during the day, and even if she wanted to escape, there was no place to escape. Said the words into the apricot flower village, the Chen family in the village, a few steps away, the oxcart stopped in front of the house of the Chen family, they got off the oxcart,stainless steel needle valve, Ruan Wenshan to tie the oxcart, Ruan Liu and others first carrying food into the yard. As soon as I entered the courtyard, I met a woman working in the Chen family. "This woman is also surnamed Chen, and she has a close relationship with the Chen family." Sit in the in-laws' room. I'm going to make tea. Her voice was so loud that even the people in the room could hear it clearly, and soon Chen Zishan and his wife came out. Not counting today, Ruan Liu had not seen her daughter for only two days. She was getting thinner and thinner. Her face was pale and haggard. Before she could speak, she covered her mouth and began to cry. My child,needle valve manufacturer, you are thinking about your mother-in-law, and you have to take care of your own body. You are like this. How hungry my poor Rongrong is. Chen Zishan, full of bitterness, opened his mouth and shouted out. Mother. He looked back again. Third Aunt. Smiling and nodding slightly to Quyang and his wife. Mother, don't cry. It's cold outside. Let's talk in the house. Ruan Ruxiu helped his mother walk into the house. At this time, Ruan Wenshan entered the courtyard. Chen Zishan greeted him. Dad. "Come in." Said Ruan Wenshan, walking into the room and asking in a low voice. How is her grandmother these two days? Are you feeling better? "It's still the same." Speaking of his mother's illness, Chen Zishan's whole person was grey and powerless. Entering the hall, Ruan Liu asked eagerly. Where is Rongrong? "Rongrong just fell asleep." Ruan Ruxiu answered. Ruan Liu said to his son-in-law. Her grandmother is so sick is not a way, or, send to the county to see? It is said that there are many powerful doctors in the county town. Widow Chen is willing to torment herself, not afraid to lose half her life, willing to torment her son, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,hydraulic fitting supplier, but she is a mother, but reluctant to give up her daughter and granddaughter. Ruxiu and I thought the same thing, but it was really cold and too far away from the county town. Doctor Hu also said that Niang's body could not stand it now. Chen Zishan's eyebrows are deeply frowned, and there are shallow traces, which shows how much he has suffered these days. Ruan Wenshan answered. Go to the county town and ask a doctor to come to see her grandmother at a high price? "We are discussing it. Mom and Dad are just in time. I want to ask my eldest brother and second brother to go to the county town to invite a doctor." Ruan Ruxiu said. Ruan Chuxiu asked. The eldest brother and the second brother have not been to the county, do not say this matter, say to find a doctor, so many doctors in the county, where do the eldest brother and the second brother know which doctor to find? "I asked my classmates, and they all said that Brother Liu of Jirentang had excellent medical skills and good temperament." Chen Zishan made a sound. Chu Xiu is right. Ye Xing and Ye Hao have never been in the county town. Besides, your second sister-in-law is pregnant with a child. Ye Hao can't leave home. Ruan Liu took a look at Quyang. Why don't you and Ye Xing go to the county town, Ah Yang? You've been to the county and you're familiar with it. Quyang listened and hesitated. It's okay. In fact, he didn't want to go out very much. It took him two days to go to the county town. He couldn't let go of his family. The father and I will take care of the family.
"Ruan Yongshi knows how important his son-in-law regards the three mothers in the family.". After talking for a while, they went to see widow Chen. When they went in, widow Chen was still sleeping. Although she was a little old, she usually looked very comely. Now she was lying in bed like two people compared with before. God doesn't know what he's doing. How can he get sick? A simple cold, how can he always get better? Look at the whole family, how much they suffer. As Ruan Liu spoke, his voice choked a little, and he sat down on the edge of the bed and held Widow Chen's hand. Her grandmother, you have to hold on, can not have an accident, look at the children, even a few months of big Rongrong are suffering. "It will open your eyes, and God will open his eyes." Ruan Yongshi comforted him. It's going to be all right. The two sisters-in-law were talking in a low voice, not wanting to frighten the sleeping widow Chen. The room was quiet and heavy, like a stone on his chest, and he was out of breath. After a few words, Ruan Liu released Widow Chen's hand. Let's go out and let her grandmother sleep well. When he left the Chen family, Ruan Liu looked at his daughter and son-in-law and told them with tears in his eyes. You two should take care of your own body. Don't rely on your youth. Only when you are well, can you take good care of her grandmother, and her grandmother's illness will be better. If you fall down, who will support you at home? Is that the reason? "Mother.". Don't worry, I take good care of Ruxiu's mother and son, and I won't let them have an accident. Chen Zishan said solemnly. Ruan Liu looked at him for a long time without blinking, and in the blink of an eye, tears fell down. I believed in you and knew it was good, so I married my daughter to you. Sending Ruan's family out and watching the oxcart go all the way, until it was out of sight, Ruan Ruxiu withdrew his sight, his body was a little shaky,stainless steel tube fitting, and Chen Zishan, standing beside him, held her with quick eyes and quick hands. Wife! There was panic in the words. chinaroke.com
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