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Le tue foto Hai fatto una macro spettacolare o una bella foto ad un pesce o perchè no ad un altro soggetto comunque inerente alla natura (un animale, un fiore, ecc.)? Non esitare a farcela vedere, riceverai commenti e suggerimenti.

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Beg the devil

The starry sky appeared broken, the nihility burst out with a fierce impact, and the bloody array at Su Ming's feet swelled directly to thirty thousand feet, constantly colliding with the old man's position in the sea of fog. Boom, boom! The old man's face changed, and his sea of fog and Su Ming's red array collapsed in the collision. Under the impact, his body immediately retreated, and when he retreated thousands of feet away, his face showed dignity. Su Ming was also rolled back by the impact, but only out of Baizhang, his feet are full of red array, although he is not the Lord of the world, but has the power of array. As long as it is within the range of the Fengshen Array that covers the whole starry sky. He can borrow the power of the array endlessly. (Full-text novels are updated the fastest) This force plus body, can let Su Ming spread out similar to the power of the world, his feet tens of thousands of Zhang array at the moment of rapid flashing. Under the towering red awn, Su Ming raised his head fiercely and waved his right hand forward. Immediately in front of him. As soon as the starry sky shook, a blood-colored circular array appeared again, which was vertical, like a wall, and went straight to the blue-robed old man thousands of feet away at a very fast speed. And in the process of fast approaching, this vertical circular blood array is constantly huge, and in a twinkling of an eye, it turns into ten thousand feet, which is not amazing from a distance, but if you look at it at close range. The array is huge, and the speed is indescribable, and it is approaching in a twinkling of an eye. The blue-robed old man's eyes showed a sense of disbelief. Although his cultivation had not reached the middle stage of the world, it was the peak of the early stage of the world,deep draw stamping, and his knowledge was even more numerous. When he first saw the red array at Su Ming's feet, he felt a little familiar. But he couldn't remember where he had seen it, and now that he saw the coming formation, he remembered it with a bang in his mind. It's impossible, it's.. This is the Deification Array. This is the Fengshen Array that can only be mobilized by the True Guards of the Four Realms, you. You are Zhenwei! This discovery. The old man was almost scared out of his wits, and a very absurd idea came to his mind. Could it be that the so-called wanted is a conspiracy, a conspiracy of the four realms to kill us?! But this.. The old man's eyes were red, and with a loud roar, his clothes bulged all over his body. Behind him,metal stamping parts, the power of the world turned into a sea of fog, and the shadow of the ten thousand people appeared in an illusion. He folded his fists and bowed behind him. The man at the back began to bow, followed by the man in the front. He bowed down one after another, looking like a wave. When he finally rolled up to the old man, the blue-robed old man folded his fists and bowed to the red array coming ahead. Boom! Trembling in front of the old man, a shadow of tens of thousands of feet in size appeared. The shadow was not a human body, but two hands holding each other. The hands belonged to the old man and the ten thousand people behind him. After the shadow appeared, at the moment of worship in front of the old man, it immediately met with the coming red array. Bang, bang, bang! The illusory hand was broken inch by inch, and the old man's hair was dancing wildly, as if blown on his face by a strong wind. While all the shadows of ten thousand people behind him were broken and dissipated, the red array suddenly came. After approaching, at the moment of touching the old man, the red array turned into a big red net, which enveloped the old man and suppressed him. At the same time, Su Ming's body quickly withered, and in a twinkling of an eye, DIN screw plug ,titanium machining parts, it turned into countless fragments and galloped away. It penetrated the big net of the red array and rushed directly into the old man's body, absorbing memory, devouring the world, and absorbing the power of his flesh and blood. Moments later, as the old man's body dissipated, countless fragments rushed out and condensed in the starry sky, turning into Su Ming's figure. His body recovered from withering in a twinkling of an eye, and a thick breath of the world spread over Su Ming's body, and his eyes showed a bright awn. Absorb the power of a person's position again, I can touch the barrier of heaven completely, after coming to plunder punishment, if I break through, I can become the body of the world! Su Ming eyes show desire at the same time, but also feel the power of borrowing array, it is overwhelming suppression, simply do not allow the other side to have any resistance. After all, this war, can not be regarded as Su Ming in the hand, and the blue-robed old man at war, not Su Ming, but covered the side of the starry sky Fengshen array. Although only 20% of the power of this array can be used, it is easy for this array to suppress a monk in the early days of the world.
Slowly clenching his fist, the powerful feeling filled Su Ming's heart like never before, although it was not really his power, but in any case, at this moment, it belonged to Su Ming. A killing, after Su Ming looked at his slowly loosened fist, in this star field, this started, the killing did not last too long, Su Ming only killed three people, then moved away, left here. Because he had touched the barrier of heaven, the art of devouring empty shadows had reached perfect saturation and could no longer absorb the power of the world, and most importantly, Su Ming felt that the first disaster of devouring empty shadows would come in a few days. These three people, Su Ming fight cleanly, he has a short distance of teleportation, can let himself appear around any place he wants to appear, even if someone is the same teleportation escape, there is a projection of illusory lock, Su Ming can catch up with it. The power of the array allows Su Ming to have a blood-colored array similar to the position world, so that his weakest side in the face of the Lord of the position world is completely supplemented. The art of suppression, borrowing the power of the array, to sweep the God array, this series of battles, perhaps unfair, because those who died strong, they did not die in the hands of Su Ming, they died in the God array. After killing three people, Su Ming left, the nine bronze swords, Su Ming did not appear in front of them, unless it is to borrow the power of the array can achieve more, otherwise, can destroy the sword gas of Tianbao Star, Su Ming does not want to touch easily. A few days later, Su Ming sat cross-legged on the surface of one of a group of meteorites roaring through the starry sky. Not far away, the Red Fire Hou looked dignified and protected Su Ming. The bald crane also crawled beside him, with a giggle on his face from time to time. It was obvious that he was very happy to think that he had more and more crystals. Su Ming has been sitting here for three days. The reason why he chose the meteorite as a place of seclusion is that the meteorite is moving all the time,non standard fasteners, and the speed is not slow. In this way, Su Ming can not be found by the blood beads. If he does not move in one place, then the art of distorting time and space for seven days will have no effect. autoparts-dx.com
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beg , devil

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