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Pan Zuozhi was stunned by the situation in the room! No, rather, he was frightened by the sight of the child firmly bound and roaring like a wolf. He felt so impulsive and angry that his mind suddenly went blank. He did not know that he was subconsciously jumping at the bound child. However, Pan Zuozhi's subconscious action, in exchange for the child's teeth and fierce howl, like a sleepy struggle. If the child had not been tied up, Pan Zuozhi would have been scratched by the child's long hands. Even now, Pan Zuozhi's sleeve has been bitten off a piece of cloth by the child's sharp teeth. Pan Zuozhi was frightened to wake up by the child's sudden, ferocious reaction, like a dog seeing a stranger. In fact, Pan Zuozhi's unconscious action is a manifestation of human nature. Because as soon as he saw the child, he immediately recognized that it was his child who had been tied up for five years (people also recognized it, otherwise how could he be tied up and sent to his home). It can be seen from the light brown hair of the child, the light black eyes like gray, and the face like Pan Zuozhi when he was young. The symbol of a full-body hybrid, which would be easier to recognize if it were not for its sun-tanned skin. Besides, this is a rural village in a mountainous area. Where does a naked foreign child come from, covered with fighting scars, paw prints and dirt? "He.." He is.. How to find.. Found it? Pan Zuozhi's mother did not dare to admit that it was true. In view of the occurrence of rabies in this district, the government has asked every dog to be examined and vaccinated,stainless steel shower tray, and wild dogs have been raided. He Pointing to the child who was tied up and still struggling and barking, Pan Zuozhi's father said, "It was the villagers who helped the staff of the Agriculture and Fisheries Department to chase a wild female dog into a cave in the ravine and caught it together with the female dog.". The villagers think he can.. It could be our missing grandson.. Grandson, I sent him here. He He could be.. It was our grandson, so we tied him up. He He could be.. It's our grandson, you.. Your son.. A son? Pan Zuozhi's parents smiled bitterly at each other and then stared at their son with concern, feeling very contradictory. Pan Zuozhi could hardly answer at once,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, but stared at the child and saw that his knees and palms had grown a thick layer of callus. Perhaps he has been like a dog, supported by knees and palms, walking on the ground, born of long friction. Is this my son? Pan Zuozhi sighed helplessly: "Yes, it seems that he is the son that Mary and I lost five years ago!" " He could not but admit the truth to his parents, though it was so helpless and unbelievable. Pan Zuozhi not only has to admit the truth, but also face the reality-how to raise this wild child. Because the child's mother has passed away, he now has to work as both parents. Pan George tried to be nice to the child. He took out a drumstick from the refrigerator and walked up to the child. "Danny, Danny!"! (This is the name registered in the US registry of births and deaths when the child was born.) He raised the drumstick and teased the child. The child flexed, stopped barking, stared at the drumstick, opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue, and squatted on the ground with his knees and hands. Danny, Flush valve price ,Time Delay Tap, be good! Pan Zuozhi put the drumstick close to the child's mouth: "Daddy gives you something to eat!" " Before George Pan had finished speaking, his hand was light, and the drumstick had been snatched away by the child. The small mouth is full, the neck stretches and shrinks, like a dog, it will not bite with the help of its hands, biting the chicken bones to pieces, but very skillfully, it does not let the chicken legs that have not been eaten fall to the ground. Everyone stared at the child's greedy gnawing of chicken legs, and the child also looked at the people around him while eating, casting a fierce and suspicious look, and his mouth and nose made "cooing" from time to time. The resonant sound of the teeth and nose. Everyone could not help thinking: "Judging from his skill of swallowing by mouth, even if he freed the child's bound hands, the child would not use his hands to help him eat like a human being!" After a while, the child ate the whole chicken leg, including the bones. Pan Zuozhi gave the child another chicken wing and ate it quickly. It seemed that the child was so hungry that he had not eaten for a day or two, as if he could eat a cow. A chicken that was supposed to be used for dinner was eaten by the children.
The child was already full, with a few chicken bones in his mouth, and kept licking them with his tongue, as if gnawing bones was what he was most interested in. Pan Zuozhi was afraid that the child was thirsty and poured a glass of ice water, but he did not know how to feed the child. When the child saw the water, he hesitated for a moment, then immediately bit the bones in his mouth and swallowed them, stretching his neck and hanging his head to face the water. George Pan carefully moved the cup close to the child's mouth, and the child immediately, like a dog, kept licking the water with his tongue, and soon there was half a cup left. George Pan had to change to a wide-mouthed bowl, fill it with water and put it on the ground for the child to lick. The child soon got tired after eating and drinking enough. I saw him crawling on all fours in the same place, continuously circling in small circles. Soon, as if he had found the right place, he lay down in place, curled up tightly, and immediately snorted slightly, sleeping soundly, but restlessly, like a nightmare. Only then could Pan Zuozhi approach and look carefully at the poor, tortured child who had mysteriously disappeared and suddenly recovered after five years. In the small, scratched face, Pangeorge saw shadows of himself and Mary. Pan Zuozhi gently untied the child and wiped the dirt on his son's body with the warm water and towel brought by his mother. It took him four basins of water and two hours to remove the stain from the child's body, which of course could not be said to be clean. After removing the dirt from the child's body, the scars are more obvious. Why are there so many scars? Pan Zuozhi himself asked himself, "Is this the trace left by Danny playing with other dog brothers?" Is it possible that when the puppies play, you don't bite me,Self-closing Faucet, I bite you, and they keep biting? Pan Zuozhi's mother, I do not know where to get a suit of clothes suitable for children. He worked with his mother to put it on for the child. Danny looked like a man when he covered up the shocking scars. Pan George carried his son gently into the room and put him on his bed. cnkexin.com
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