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Leonor L. Pipkins
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Me and my nemesis have been taken away.

The tone of the masked man rose slightly: "You are Yan Ze, how can you be like them?" As if the two of them knew each other, Yan Ze began to think about the people he had seen. Thought all the way can not find out, if reluctantly find a person, this person's tone is like Chu Shen. (Chu Shen couldn't help saying.. Do all the assholes you've ever met look like me? ) Yan Ze wanted to stand up, but the masked man suddenly put his hand on his shoulder, and as soon as his palm was strong, his body seemed to have two steel knives twisting back and forth. Then the hand went all the way from the shoulder to the neck, then from the chin to the face, and finally stopped at the corner of the eye, gently and gently, only chilling the spine. These eyes are beautiful, and I really want to take them out. Then the five fingers opened in a hurry and made a gesture to dig out, as if they really wanted to dig out the two lumps of flesh and blood. Yan Ze only looked at it quietly. At this time, he was not angry. The closest moment to death was the calmest moment. His whole mind was focused on this hand. The hand bone is slender and well-proportioned, and it is hard to imagine that such a beautiful and thin hand can firmly insert the knife into Yan's waist. The wound in his waist was painful, and at most he made one more move, perhaps the last one in his life. Take away a piece of gold leaf from Master Xie, and you can hit the opponent's right calf at the "upper Juxu point". At the point, one leg bends itself, and one foot falls down. Then his right finger becomes a claw, his left palm becomes a knife, and he splits it from top to bottom, taking the opponent's eyes straight! One hits the acupuncture point two to hook the leg three to take the eye, the movement must be completed at one go, half minute can not relax. If he doesn't succeed, it's his own trick that will be wasted. The man's hand paused for a moment in the corner of his eye and then withdrew. Laughter came out from behind his mask,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, and the spread of bronze added three points of weirdness, which echoed in the silent tomb. Too bad I can't do it to you. Master Li's body is dead, but his soul is still there. He needs a body to reappear in the world. I can't think of anyone more suitable than you. When Chu Shen heard this, he couldn't sit still any longer. "The person who took you away was Li Xuanchuan?"? Li Xuanchuan, who has been dead for more than a thousand years? The development of the story here has greatly exceeded Chu Shen's expectation. If Li Xuanchuan, a sorcerer of a generation, was born through the shell of Yan Ze, it would not be a ghost in Liaozhai, but a real catastrophe. "I don't know," said Yan Ze with an expressionless face. He did not say the last move, but said that the masked man was going to hold a ceremony of gods and ghosts, but the ceremony was interrupted, and something strange happened in the middle that he could not explain, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic handheld welder, so Yan Ze did not know who had taken it away. At least that's what he said. The content was extremely vague and the speech was very unclear, but Chu Shen understood it all. If you want to hear the end of the story, you can trade the information. If you don't change it, hold it. Do you know what happens when you tell half a story? The eight pits in the mass grave are for the eight storytellers who wrote half of the book and ran away. They've written half of it, and you haven't even started. I've almost finished speaking, and it's time for the deputy master to say something. Chu Shen this then did not speak, he felt that silence is really a good thing, can be acquiescent, is also a veto, but also can convey a kind of "Lao Tzu do not say do not say" open-minded temperament. One side is Shang Jingbai casually refers to a task, one side is the Qin Gate upheaval, not a level of intelligence, how to change? It would be a fool. During the stalemate, the gate of the Yi Guang Hall was pushed open with a "squeak", and the shadows of three people suddenly appeared in the moonlight, lingering together on the cold ground, making Chu Shen's face white and blue. Why are Qin Lingchong and Ji Xuantong? Why is there a little Taoist priest behind you? What are these three doing here? Do you want to play Shaomen Master's private visit in disguise? Qin Lingchong patted the ash on his shoulder in disgust. He turned to look at Su Fengzhen and said, "You said his soul was in the Blue Sky View. Are you sure that's right?" Su Fengzhen touched off a fallen leaf on his head and smiled sheepishly: "I'm not good at learning. I can only figure out that the soul of the master's cousin has come here, but I can't be sure which courtyard it is. We can only go around all the places." After a pause, he looked sideways at the place where Chu Shen and Yan Ze were: "And you can't let go of every corner.".
Popular novel txt download www.dizhu.org. Chapter 12 12, the Taoist Priest of the Big Brother is coming. After Qin Lingchong arrived at Qingtianguan, he first let the guards stay outside the temple. He carried the lantern into the temple gate. He went on a rampage all the way, followed by Ji Xuantong and Su Fengzhen. All the rooms had to go in and have a look. The doors were opened when there was a seal, and the cabinets were torn when they were pasted with paper. Therefore, they were taught a lesson. As soon as they entered the door, the ashes on the beams fell down like a waterfall. At this time, they had to hide. If they could not hide in time, their dusty faces were secondary, mainly because they would encounter spiders and scorpions. Qin Lingchong has never suffered so much. But he was looking for the spirit of the third brother, and if the paper turned black, he would be the first to see it. Finally, I arrived at the Hall of Light, which is said to be the most evil place in the whole Taoist temple. Qin Lingchong stretched out his hand to push the door, which creaked like sawed wood. He patted the ashes on his shoulder uneasily and looked around. There was a dry well in the northeast and a big tree in the southwest. The roots were like dragons and snakes, the branches were winding and vigorous, and the rest of the rooms were not facing straight. Other than that, it's a very ordinary courtyard. Is it very evil? I don't think so. What is the evil wind blowing in the wind? He doesn't feel it anyway. Qin Lingchong turned to look at Su Fengzhen. "You said his soul was in the Blue Sky View. Are you sure that's right?" "I'm not good at learning skills. I can only figure out that the soul of the master's cousin has come here, but I can't be sure which courtyard it is. We can only go around all the places." Su Fengzhen paused and looked sideways at the dry well on the northeast side. "And you can't let go of every corner." Then he went straight to the dry well, as if to see if there was any water in it. But Qin Lingchong felt that his steps were somewhat strange, obviously there was no one else here except them, but this man walked carefully, as if something invisible was blocking his way. Qin Lingchong also went up to look at the dry well, lit a candle and threw it in, and found that there was only green moss below,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, which had indeed dried up for a long time. But Su Fengzhen still looked attentively, as if he could see a vast and colorful underground world through a small dry well. Qin Lingchong couldn't help coughing and said, "What is the Taoist looking at?" &290; fycgsonic.com
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